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Specialized Training


Reimbursement of fees associated with the delivery of specialized training programs, seminars, workshops, or export professionals’ certificates by international training institutes.

Policy - Ceiling and Coverage:

Reimbursement of 55% of fees up to a ceiling of 25,000 SAR.

Activities Covered:

  • Specialized training programs that are related to export including the Specialized​ professional certificaes in exporting,except training programs provided by Saudi Exports Developent Authorityin workshops or E-learning courses.

Eligibility Criteria and General Terms

Terms for using the service:

  • The applicant must be a Saudi Exports registered client.
  • The client must have completed the Export Readiness Assessment.
  • Training should not exist in  Saudi Exports training programs.
  • The topic of the training must be specific to export activities.
  • The establishment of the applicant must have completed one year or more carrying out business activities since its establishment.
  • The client's establishment must not have an activity ban.
  • The client's establishment must not be under liquidation or bankruptcy.
  • The client must not have any financial obligations to the Saudi Exports Development Authority.

General Policies:


  • The client must not register in any training before he gets approval for the incentive.
  • The required disbursement documents must be submitted within 90 days of approval of the application and no application will be considered after the specified period, except if the client provides a valid reason and enough budget is still available.
  • The client must have approved application to obtain the incentive.​
  • The client must have submit the application before utilizing the service.​
  • The client must submit progress reports upon request.
  • The client must explain the need for the incentive by presenting the anticipated outcome in his application (e.g. increase in sales (%), gained expertise in specific areas and markets, market expansion, etc.).
  • The maximum requests limit for(Specialized Training ) are  3 requests in the year.
  • The maximum benefit limit from the Saudi Export Incentive program is 700,000 SAR during the fiscal year .

Required Documents – Application:


  • Getting Commercial Register full data for an Est issued in the last 6 months. Click Here
  • Quotation.
  • The person filling and submitting an application should possess a delegation letter attested by the company, power of attorney or similar document together with a copy of ID number or iqama of the person making the application.

Required Documents – Reimbursement:


  • Request form for reimbursement.
  • The original invoice for fees incurred.
  • Getting Commercial Register full data for an Est issued in the last 6 months. Click Here
  • Training/attendance certificate.
  • Deadline for submitting documents: 90 days after application approval *.